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MultitrackStudio Instruments 1.0

MultitrackStudio Instruments contains a virtual wheel organ and electric piano

The MultitrackStudio Instruments Demo 1.0 is a software instruments plug-in program for owners of the MultitrackStudio Pro Plus or as a stand alone, and it contains a virtual wheel organ and electric piano.

The Wheel Organ instrument section in the MultitrackStudio Instruments Demo 1.0 is a software model of the classic B3 tone wheel drawbar organ with the typical key clicks, scanner vibrato, tone wheel crossfeed and harmonic foldback characteristics of the original organ. Users are offered four sets of organ manuals/pedal combinations; Upper Manual – spans 5 octaves from C3-C8; Lower and Upper span 5 octaves from C0-C5 and C#5 – C10; and the Pedal Lower and Upper – Pedal spans 2 octaves from C0-C2 – Lower spans 3 octaves C#2 – C5 – Upper spans 5 octaves C#5 – C10. There are three effects slots featured with the Wheel Organ; Drawbars – 9 for each manual and 2 for Pedal with controls; Percussion – adds a short sound when a key is pressed and applies to the Upper Manual only; Midi Implementation – the Wheel Organ responds to the volume, expression, and sustain controls; and a Rotor Effect which simulates a rotating speaker.

The MultitrackStudio Instruments Demo 1.0 offers and Electric Piano Instrument that features two versions of classic electric pianos. The Electromagnetic Piano spans 6 octaves from E2 – E8, and the Electrostatic Piano spans over 5 octaves in the range of A2 – C8. The Electric Piano contains tremelo, phaser, and chorus effects.

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  • Rare Wheel Organ tones for sounds


  • Rotor can’t be controlled by Midi keyboard
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